The dialysis system from B. Braun offers components that are perfectly adapted one to another, for effective extracorporeal treatment.
The safe and gentle vascular access is an important criterion for users and patients in efficient and successful dialysis treatment. Using the optimum canulation procedure, the Diacan and
Diacan S dialysis fi stula needles from B. Braun cause, due to their precise 2-phase facet profile, minimal trauma to the vascular access.
The extremely thin-walled, siliconised needle secures a laminar flow and ensures a high blood flow rate. The siliconisation of the fistula needles reduces blood coagulation; the tube material is
highly flexible and latex-free. With the Diacan and Diacan S dialysis fi stula needles canulation is safe for patients and gentle on the vessels, as well as user-friendly for your nursing staff .

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